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Three Ships Beauty is a natural skin care company that focuses on offering affordable, cruelty free products. After the ReDesign of the quiz our team successfully increased average order values by 15% and raised average daily sales by 241%.

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Three Ships Beauty
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UX Researcher, Data analyst, UX Copywriter, UI Designer
Figma, Octane AI, Google Analytics
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UX Researcher, UX Copywriter

Problem Space

Three Ships wanted to improve their skin quiz.

Three Ships were looking to upgrade their skin quiz. The quiz is a primary feature on their website. Its purpose is to guide users in finding products that are fitting for their skin needs. The changes they were looking for were both aesthetic and functional. They felt the quiz was not engaging and that the recommended product results were not accurate. Three Ships felt the improvements could generate more retention and ultimately increase their sales.

Project Goals

They wanted to deliver a quiz that felt meaningful and helped customers learn more about their skin.

The high level objectives to meet our projects goals were

Preliminary Research

First, we needed to gain insights about our users' needs.

Our analyst reviewed the client's backend data from google analytics to discover some insights for our redesign, which would help us move forward to the next steps.

Of users dropped off before getting their quiz results.
Of overall site traffic resulted in a purchase.
Was the average amount spent per order.

To understand where users were dropping off, we reviewed the data within the Shopify quiz. These gave us more assumptions to work with when we got to our user interviews.

Research Insights & Assumptions

What we learned from the data.

Insight: Majority of drop off's came from the first question "what is your age?" 

Assumption: User's were uncomfortable answering this question.

Insight: 1-2 products were purchased per order

Assumption: User's didn't feel incentive to purchase more products because the results from the quiz were not informative.   

Insight: Majority of users were accessing the quiz via mobile device

Assumption: User's preferred to shop online on their phone's  

User Interviews

We spoke to Three Ships target users to validate our assumptions.

In order to validate our assumptions and apply meaningful changes to the quiz, we spoke to women between 25-45.

After analyzing the results from the interview's we were able to put the findings into four themes:

Theme 1: 
Customers were looking for more specific results.
Theme 2: 
Some recommended products seemed out of place with the quiz answers
Theme 3:
The quiz was lacking in consistency and standards
Theme 4:
The UI was not in line with Three Ships branding.

Technology Evaluation

We explored different hosting tools to optimize quiz performance.

After careful consideration we chose to host the quiz on Octane AI. We felt all of the features would increase customizability and help Thee Ship's track their website metrics more efficiently.

Ideation & Implementation

In order to implement the final design of the quiz, we followed three key steps.

1. Create product logic

-Product Mapping & Creating a product bundle

2. Refine quiz questions

-Ensuring questions were relevant to quiz results

3. Identity & Branding

-Images, Heuristic changes, additional UX copy.

Final Product

Tailored to individual user needs

We built extra product logic that would tailor the results to the specific users' needs. Additionally, we added a question that asked the user specifically what they were looking for, this would ensure those specific product types were added into the results.

Improved Final Results

In the final results page, we focused on improving the UX copy so the product recommendations seemed genuine and relatable to the users needs. It was important that the user understood why they were being recommended each product and what benefit it would have to their routine.

Clear descriptions and CTAs

We maintained consistency throughout the quiz with clear CTA's so the users could intuitively navigate the quiz and add all the recommended items to their cart.


The quiz performed better than expected.

After the changes we implemented on the quiz, we came back with impressive results.


Average Daily Sales

Increase from $412 to $994 per day.

Direct Purchase

Majority of quiz sales are from new users.

Average Purchase Size

Increase of 15% from 2 items to 3 items.

After the quiz went live, we saw a large increase in the engagement. There is a larger percentage of user's taking the quiz start to finish and purchasing all the three recommended items.

Before & After

Improved UI and product logic.


“It [the quiz] looks so much more cohesive with the brand identity and also the language is a lot clearer.”

“The recap of the user’s current skin type and concern is great and showing the specific products that would address those areas is really helpful!”


What I learned along the way.

Although I am very happy with the results from the redesign, there were some things I learned along the way that I will carry on in my practice.

The key takeaways from this project were: 

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