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Stay in the loop with this project management tool that promotes remote collaboration for mature students.

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Passion Project
2 week Design Sprint
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2 UX Designers
Figma, pen & paper, Google Sheets
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UX/UI Designer

Problem Space

Our world is becoming more remote, and mature students need to adjust to this change.

During the pandemic, remote work has become our reality. Many workplaces are transitioning to either hybrid of fully remote solutions. Many mature students are about the enter the workforce and may be hesitant.


How might we improve the experience of mature students when collaborating on remote teams? 


Project goal.

The goal is to provide mature students with a tool to efficiently collaborate and better prepare them for the world of remote work.

Project constraints.

There were limitations we had to consider.

Preliminary Research

We built assumptions on how mature students feel about remote work.

We conducted preliminary research in order to understand how mature students may feel about transitioning into the post-pandemic remote work world. We wanted to build some assumptions about our users before conducting interviews.

U.S workers are working remotely.
1 in 6
post-pandemic workers are predicted to stay remote
rise in primarily mature students enrolling in exclusively remote learning in fall 2020.

Research Insights & Assumptions

The barrier's to remote collaboration.

1. Issues with availability

2. Delayed Updates

3. Poor communication

3. Minimal hands on support

4. Lack of "mutual knowledge"

hmw refinement

How might we help mature students collaborate effectively on group projects in order to prepare them for the remote workforce? 

User Interviews

We spoke to mature students to gain insights.

After speaking to mature students, we organized the interview findings into 3 themes:

Looking for an easy-to-use tool for on the go.
Must support seamless collaboration.
One-stop shop for all needed information.

Organization, connectedness and efficiency were key themes we came across from our interviews. We discovered that our users rely on different tools to help them achieve these goals and constantly have to switch back and forth between apps.

competitor analysis

We conducted a competitor analysis to understand what features to incoorperate.

After our interview findings, we discovered our users jump from different products. We chose what features would stand out to our users and decided to incorporate them into loop.

Ideation & Implementation

Identified opportunities.

Progress Tracking

-A tool to keep track of collaborative course work.

Task Allocation

-Help students divide group project work effectively.

Stay Connected

-Facilitate communication throughout the project.

Ideation & Implementation

Then, we created a task flow to understand the user journey.

Ideation & Implementation

Sketching out options.

Final Product

We created Lo-fi wireframes and ran two rounds of usability tests.


Revamped the UI for the final product!

The feedback from our final rounds of usability testing were all pretty positive. We took our greyscale wireframes and implemented a design system with clean ui.

next steps

What I would do with more time.

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