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Curbside Pickup Web App

GK Software is an SaaS Company that focuses on offering technology and softwares to primarily retail clients. After the design on the Curbside Pickup App we got the product approved and handed off the teams developers.

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GK Software
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2 UX Designers
Figma, pen & paper
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UX Designer

Problem Space

GK Software wanted to create a Curbside Pickup software.

The sales team at GK were looking to develop a Curbside Pickup software to pitch to clients. They had already ideated and designed rough wireframes of the product. They assigned my colleague and I to design the user flow and UI.

Project Goals

They wanted to begin demos in two months.

The high-level objectives to meet our projects goals were:

1. Conduct a competitor analysis.

2. Map out the user journey to identify the MVP & test.

3. Iterate & complete the prototype to prepare for developer handover.


There were a few limitations within the project.


Customer Curbside Pickup wireframes delivered by GK.

Preliminary Research

To understand the market better, we conducted a competitor analysis.

There are a few other Curbside Pickup App's on the market and we wanted to understand what features they offered and how much competition GK had.

Research Insights & Assumptions

We then mapped out the user journey to see how the product would fit into customers lives.

Identified pain points: 

Research Insights & Assumptions

To understand what the key features would be, we authored user stories.

We carefully wrote out 20 user stories and identified the MVP (minimum viable product). With our research insights considered and user stories complete, we decided to keep the flow very simple within the app focusing on the main goal which is to schedule Curbside Pickup and stay updated during the process.

Research Insights & Assumptions

Final UI Design.

After creating greyscale wireframes and testing the flow, we finally got to the finished product.

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What I learned along the way.

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