A bit about me.

I enjoy finding inspiration in the small things, whether it's brewing up a new batch of Kombucha, coming up with a new recipe or exploring antique stores. In my spare time, you can find me at a climbing gym or on the hiking trails! 

Why design?

I believe good design is the foundation of any successful business. I have always been a problem solver, I enjoy hearing from people directly and coming up with solutions that make a difference. What I like the most about design is that there is always room to learn and evolve.

How I got here.

Design was a hobby for me before I even considered it as a career, I was doing Daily UI Challenges, playing around on design softwares and listening to podcasts. I finished up my Diploma in Business Marketing and I decided persue my passion and jump right back into school to study UX Design.

My process.

After working with a few clients outside of school, I realized each project is unique and requires special attention. With that being said, I like to start each project with an agile process in mind.

Let's work together!

Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you!
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